「MDAトップ人材養成特別演習」キックオフを開催しました Kickoff Meeting for “MDA Special Exercise for Top-Level Human Resource” Held

(English follows)


On Tuesday, July 2nd, the kickoff meeting for the “MDA Special Exercise for Top-Level Human Resource” was held. Students, personnel from companies and local governments (Nakagawa Humepipe Industory Co.,Ltd., NTT DATA JAPAN CORPORATION, RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION, SEKISHO CORPORATION, and Tsukuba City (listed in alphabetical order)), data scientists, and faculty members participated. The event began with opening remarks from Vice President and Executive Director for Education, Mitsuyasu Kato, followed by Professor Kawashima, who provided guidance on the program’s objectives, goals, expected learning outcomes, and future steps. Afterwards, participants divided into groups where students engaged in discussions with personnel from companies and local governments about the challenges they face, hearing their perspectives and specific situations. The meeting concluded with presentations. Moving forward, each group will continue discussions both in person and online.