プレスリリース:社会の実課題を企業等の実務専門家と大学院生が学び合いながら解決するMDAトップ人材養成特別演習を開始(2024/6/25)Press Release: Commencement of the MDA Special Exercise for Top-Level Human Resource, where graduate students and industry professionals collaborate to solve real-world issues (June 25, 2024)

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The University of Tsukuba’s Data Science Expert Program will commence a special training program for top talent in mathematics, data science, and AI (MDA) in collaboration with five companies and local governments starting July 2, 2024. This program aims to foster individuals who can not only analyze data in the MDA field but also propose attractive solutions while effectively communicating with the real world.

The special training program, “MDA Special Exercise for Top-Level Human Resource,” will feature participation from Nakagawa Humepipe Industory Co.,Ltd., NTT DATA JAPAN CORPORATION, RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION, SEKISHO CORPORATION, and Tsukuba City (listed in alphabetical order). The program focuses on creating talent capable of solving global issues by leveraging data science and AI based on real data analysis.

Participants in this special training include doctoral and master’s students from the University of Tsukuba, personnel from participating companies, top-level data scientists with significant practical experience, and faculty members. Students and companies will learn from each other while proposing solutions to real-world problems. This collaboration allows companies to tackle issues with cutting-edge knowledge and students to develop interdisciplinary adaptability, practical applicability, and comprehensive initiative through the challenge of real-world data analysis problems.
This training is positioned as a course in the Data Science Expert Program (DSEP) of the University of Tsukuba’s doctoral program, aiming to cultivate truly outstanding top talent who can contribute to solving real-world issues beyond the boundaries of education and research.