「位置情報データ活用のプロフェッショナル企業との対話— 企業と共に研究テーマを探る —」5/23(木)に開催します ”Dialogue with Professional Companies on the Utilization of Location Data — Exploring Research Themes Together” will be held on Thursday, May 23rd.

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システム情報工学研究群とMDA教育推進室の共催で、全学の学生のみなさん、また 教員の皆様を対象として、「位置情報データ活用のプロフェッショナル企業との対話— 企業と共に研究テーマを探る —」を開催します。





 「位置情報データ活用のプロフェッショナル企業との対話  — 企業と共に研究テーマを探る —」

日時:2024年5月23日(木) 13:45~15:45


場所:第3エリア 3E 404


1.講演  「人流データ×データサイエンスによる、まちづくりのビッグデータ活用事例」(株式会社GEOTRA)

2. 対話(GEOTRA、学生、教員)

3. 面談・名刺交換





Co-hosted by the Degree programs in Systems and Information Engineering and the MDA Education Promotion Office, this event is open to all university students and faculty members.

GEOTRA Co., Ltd., established as a joint venture between Mitsui & Co. and KDDI, operates under the mission to “advance society with the power of data”. Their main focus is on high-resolution human flow data generated through the integration of people movement data and machine learning, which is used in urban planning, civil engineering, tourism, and disaster prevention, among others.

In this seminar, GEOTRA will present real-world examples of how their human flow data is being used in urban development, illustrating the practical applications of data science and AI. This will be an opportunity for attendees to explore potential thesis and collaboration topics through dialogue with GEOTRA. It’s a chance to transform your ideas into cutting-edge services. There will also be opportunities for networking and exchanging business cards.

Event: “Dialogue with Professional Companies on the Utilization of Location Data — Exploring Research Themes Together”
Date: May 23, 2024 (Thursday), 13:45 – 15:45
Audience: All university students and faculty
Location: Area 3, 3E 404

I. Lecture: “Big Data Utilization in Urban Development through Human Flow Data and Data Science” (by GEOTRA Co., Ltd.)

II. Dialogue (GEOTRA, students, faculty)

III. Interviews and business card exchange
※Participants who wish to exchange business cards are requested to bring 4 ‘Name cards’ (or business cards)


Registration: Please register via the web form by Wednesday, May 22. Registration on the day of the event will also be possible.