DSEP共同研究・研究留学支援の公募を開始しました The announcement for the application of the DSEP Joint Research and Study Abroad Support has been released

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1. manabaのMDAコースに登録:登録キー 1443621
2. コンテンツの「DSEP履修関連」の「DSEP履修申請書」にあるDSEP履修申請書をmanabaのMDAコースに提出
3. 「MDA後期プロジェクト研究」「MDA後期研究留学」のそれぞれにある申請書をmanabaのDSEP履修生用ページに提出
  P-1:2024年度 MDA後期プロジェクト研究科目履修・支援申請書
  A-1:2024年度 MDA後期研究留学科目履修・支援申請書


The announcement for the application of the DSEP Joint Research and Study Abroad Support has been released.

For the MDA Advanced Project Research and MDA Advanced Research Study Abroad courses offered in the Data Science Expert Program (DSEP), students are required to conduct joint research, internships, etc., in Japan for the former and abroad for the latter. Applications for support in these programs are now open, and you are encouraged to apply.

Application Procedure:

1. Register for the MDA course on manaba: Use registration key 1443621.
2. Submit the DSEP Application Form available under ‘DSEP Course Related’ on the MDA course page in manaba.
3. Submit the application forms for each respective course, ‘MDA Advanced Project Research’ and ‘MDA Advanced Research Study Abroad’, on the DSEP Page for Enrollees in manaba:
  P-1:FY2024 MDA Advanced Project Research Course and Support Application Form
  A-1:FY2024 MDA Advanced Research Study Abroad Course and Support Application Form